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Power for high performances

The motor, fan and heating elements system is the core of the convection oven. In Vesta Srl we adopt technical solutions that allow us to take advantage of the potential of this system in a simple and efficient way. Autoreverse motors, high performing heating elements and light and efficient fans allow a perfect balance of performance and reliability.

To this system we add the direct water injection or steam generator to create in the oven the ideal environment for every cooking style and technique. We work in partnership with our strategic suppliers to constantly improve the performance of this system in terms of performance and efficiency.

Safety and reliability

All our ovens have the steam evacuation valve. It can be always open kind, or manually, electrically adjustable depending on the type of oven in which it is installed.
Adjusting the regulation of this valve it is possible to obtain cooking with different gradations of humidity from dry air to full steam.

Automatic washing system

Our automatic washing system makes the end of a long working day more pleasant.
Just select one of the preset programs and let the oven do the rest.
Once finished its cycle of washing and drying the oven will turn off and it will be ready for a new work day.
Currently available only on the touch screen electric and gas ovens versions.

Rounded corners

The rounded corners inside the cooking chamber permit a double effect.

On one hand they allow a better cleaning of the oven in compliance with the HACCP standards and on the other they facilitate the air circulation guaranteeing a homogeneous cooking of the food.

The modularity of the motor, fan and heating elements system, combined with the correct air circulation due to the shape of the cooking chamber and the deflectors present in the fan cover, permit a homogeneous cooking even with a full load. We can install an inverter to adjust the speed fan rotation and gently reach all the points inside the oven.


The control's evolution. Depending on the required performance or simply on the habits and needs, our ovens can be equipped with three different controllers. Manual controller with knobs to set all the cooking variables.

Digital controller, thanks to microprocessors, can store up to 99 recipes with advanced cooking techniques such as core probe cooking and low temperature cooking.

Touch screen is thelast evolution which gives the possibility of a constant and continuous control of the cooking variables. Thanks to its special pre-set programs facilitates the everyday routine in the kitchen including the cleaning with the automatic washing system.


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